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A Message from the President

Dear Members of the Los Angeles Cannabis Community:

Over the past 10 years, I have heard from many members of our cannabis community about events related to the legalizing of cannabis in Los Angeles and California. Los Angeles legalization movement has been a long struggling road. As we approach 2018, I want to take this occasion to share more fully some of the principles and realities that have informed our decisions and actions, and to update you on plans for Los Angeles Cannabis Chamber of Commerce moving forward.

The values of free speech and the commitment to legalizing cannabis in Los Angeles has been fought by activists, patients and pioneers for a decade. Organizations such as Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance, United Cannabis Business Association, LA Task Force, Southern California Coalition and a few others have been on the front line fighting a good fight. 2018 has brought Angelenos the opportunity to finally get legal licensing and get rid of the limited immunity that provided a grey area for cannabis businesses in Los Angeles. City Council President Herb Wesson took the bull by it’s horns and led us to new higher grounds for legalization of cannabis. Los Angeles Cannabis Chamber of Commerce was born to bring together all the organizations, associations, patients, activists and residents to be represented as a whole. We have pledge to put our differences aside and become a industry that’s respected in City of Los Angeles.

We want to do everything possible to maintain the character of peaceful and safe interaction between cannabis businesses and consumers.  Our decision to monitor the cannabis industry in Los Angeles was not to limit our own industry personal but rather to ensure their safety, including that of the nearly 40 million visitors that come to Los Angeles every year. Our concern about the safety of our children and families have been greatly influenced by our observations of the behavior of criminals and unethical operators. Safety of the community and the cannabis businesses is our number one priority. Our responsibilities for the safety of the community compelled us to take measures to ensure that individuals whose intentions were not righteous towards the cannabis industry do not get to have a platform in Los  Angeles.

Sustaining both freedom and security always requires difficult and nuanced judgments, both in the cannabis businesses and in the wider world.  We have endeavored to make those determinations in the context of our ideals and obligations.  We meet regularly to evaluate our decision, as we have no interest in restricting cannabis businesses in any way that are licensed under both city and state laws. Our goal is to promote the well being of the cannabis industry in Los Angeles.  As President, I am deeply committed to freedom of expression:  it is a fundamental value, defining our most essential purposes.  I am also committed to sustaining the environment in which that freedom can thrive.  These principles have guided our decisions to date, and will guide our cannabis industry going forward.

Arnie Abramyan