Los Angeles Controller releases cannabis dispensaries list

Los Angeles Controller releases cannabis dispensaries list


  PURPLE DOTS — 756 medical marijuana businesses that received a Business Tax Registration Certificate (BTRC) in 2016. Most certificate holders registered only, and did not pay taxes.

•  BLUE DOTS — 191 medical marijuana businesses eligible to receive a special 2017 BTRC. So far, 139 medical marijuana businesses have fulfilled the requirements for the 2017 Annual Business Tax Renewal, with affidavit attesting to compliance with Proposition D (per City Ordinance No. 184135).

•  GREEN DOTS — 563 businesses involved in criminal cases filed by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office regarding marijuana businesses and addresses as of May 12, 2017.

The map also includes a layer for the average household income by Census tract.


Use the toolbar at the top left corner of the map to zoom in and out of a location, to choose which layer of the map to view, to change the topography of the map, and to share and to print.

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