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Los Angeles Cannabis Chamber History

Los Angeles Cannabis Chamber of Commerce History

History has been made here in City of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Cannabis Chamber of Commerce was born to serve the City of Los Angeles, regional businesses and community prosperity through cannabis advocacy, access to leaders, economic development, connectivity and business education. Los Angeles Cannabis Chamber of Commerce is the leading organization dedicated to serving City and County of Los Angeles.

History of Cannabis in City of Los Angeles has been a rocky road. In the beginning the pioneers were violating city, state, and federal law to serve Angelenos with the plant that had many beneficial factors. City came along and asked the cannabis businesses to register with the city which gave them the PRE ICO status and Prop D was passed to provide structure for the businesses. That did not help the cannabis industry in City of Los Angeles, All it did was create problem for many city departments and angelenos. Being a PRE ICO and PROP D operative wasn’t a license to operate, it only gave you limited immunity.

Many responsible operators went to jail and had their lives turned upside down because they had chosen to be in a industry that did not have rules and laws. Organizations were born and advocates gave a good fight for cannabis freedom. Even among the organizations there were many different understanding and they did not get along all the time. It took a decade for City of Los Angeles to come around and create rules and regulation for the cannabis industry.

Under the leadership of Herb Wesson, City of Los Angeles passed Prop M which will lead LA into the future of recreational marijuana.